Things you learn after you learn you have depression


Like a lot of people, I have anxiety and depression, which is basically just a huge contradiction.

But being diagnosed and seeking help has allowed me to learn more about this condition and what it means for me.

It’s OK to tell yourself to smile, for non-sexist reasons. It really does help to lift your mood.giphy1

The meds are working, that’s why you feel like you don’t need them.giphy2

Working through an anxiety attack on your own is basically like winning a UFC championship. Going from zero to 60, and then slowly working your way back is exhausting, and gratifying to the point of earning that milkshake if it happens in a diner (hypothetically, of course).giphy3

Just because your spouse is frustrated, doesn’t mean they don’t care. It’s like when you try to make them feel better during a cold and nothing’s helping.giphy4

Mental illness makes your friends and family uncomfortable, and that’s not your problem.giphy5

It’s going to take a while to figure this out, and that’s fine.giphy6


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